There are several book projects displayed here.

“Moskow-Pietushki” was created in 2015 as a master thesis project. It is based on a novel by Russian writer Venedikt Erofeev, which is a monologue of an alcoholic intellectual on his train journey to utopian town of Pietushki. The book has a strong tendency to use biblical phrases and therefore some literary critics described it as a new russian Bible. From this assumption, however controversial, came the idea for the design.
Medieval subtle page design was combined with strong linocut elements in order to create an impression of disquiting contrast. The 70-page long text was decorated with linocut “droleries” – in medieval books this was the name for small illustrations covering the margins. The drunkard’s monologue mentions more than a hundred writers, musicians, artists and politicians, whos minuscule portraits were placed along the columns of text. The linocut prints used as illustrations were pasted into the laser printed book. The binding was the artist’s work and the paper used for the cover was handmade as well.

The project received a top mark after the master thesis public defence in the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice in June 2015.

“Master & Margarita” is a famous russian novel of a fascinating surrealistic atmosphere. The innovative technique of illustrations was created to express it. It is performed with several layers of cut-out forms and tracing paper piled on a scanner, with additional pointing light from the side. Those illustrations were combined with those printed on red paper, which follow another path in the story. There are three distinct paths in the book and each of them received a different graphic interpretation.

“Rozkosze kultury” is a new turn in my style. An experiment based on a set of russian stories, designed in inspiration from constructivism. The book was printed on a thin cream shade paper and binded as a “french fold”. The size of it combined with the kind of the paper and paperback cover gave an impression of a luxurious design magazine from 20th century.

“Bird radio” is a response to a well-known polish poem for children. It tells a story of birds who wished to have a radio. They start their performances one by one and soon end up in a great uproar. Their quarrel is put an end to by police and so ends the idea of a bird radio.
The first draft of the book was made with cut-out and that is why the style can be traced in the final version of the project. It was then transferred into offset plates and printed. The binding, as well as every other stage of the process, was performed by me.

“Triangle story” is another children poem made into a book. It is in the early cut-out-stamping style and an interesting correlation of simple pictures and a completely different font. There is also an experimental binding that reflects the construction of the text.
This book was accepted for the international exhibition “A well designed book – let’s start with children” in Katowice in 2012.

“Art of cooperation” is printed on a tracing paper. It consists of a series of pictures taken with Kinect on a depth mode and transferred into point cloud. The code of the program created for taking the pictures for the project is also included. The book was produced in cooperation with Michal Lisicki, programmer.

“Bus impressions” is an experimental 3D cut-out book filled with reflections on public transport. Most of the pages reveal layers of characters and shapes that rise when the page is turned.

illustration, book design, binding