Poster + animation + game

animation, game

Head models in 3ds Max were built from scratch and are the first attempt of the artist in 3d modelling. A slightly animated self-portrait model was turned into two very different personas by small additions to the basic form and also by the choice of light. The final result was then exported as a video with camera making a full turn around each model.

“City of Qom” is a fully developed one-person made game set in the holy city of Qom, Iran. With a subtle design and persian accents it tells a tale of an outsider, a woman, who struggles to become part of the strict muslim society. The game was developed using Construct 2 software

“Helgen i Sverige” is one of the earliest games, hand-drawn and created in Adobe Flash. It’s purpose was to encourage the player to learn swedish and discover the culture of Sweden. One of the features was an audio player hidden in the game, which could be used to listen to several samples of swedish music.

The series of stop-motion and rotoscoped animations was created during the evening classes at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Poster projects featured in the last four slides touch a variety of topics. Some were created for, a website of deep-thought and well-being, while the set of “Cabaret” posters advertised a theatrical show in King’s College, Halifax NS. “Algjakten borjas” takes a stand against moose hunting in Sweden.